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    June 13, 2024 1 min read

    Amuerte X Paul Morel | We've collaborated again with the master of flavors, Paul Morel. A true flavor perfectionist with years of experience. He has collaborated with the world's finest restaurants, elevating their bars to elite status. This time he has created a Japanese Mule with the newest Amuerte Edition, Amuerte Orange. Amuerte Orange is crafted with our iconic flavor of coca leafs, and with guava, pineapple and cedrat lemon.

    Recipe of Japanese Mule - Shiso - Umeboshi

    Pisco Barsol / Amuerte Gin: 500g / 500g
    Shiso Red: 25g Ume Boshi: 30g

    Infuse cold and vacuum for 24 hours.

    Ginger infusion:
    Fever Tree Ginger Beer: 800g
    Water: 200g
    Sugar syrup (1:2): 100g
    Supasawa: 100g
    Lemongrass: 3 stalks
    Coriander seeds: 4g
    Star anise: 1 piece

    Remove the outer ring of lemongrass, chop finely and add to the infusion. Infuse cold and vacuum for 12 hours. Strain through a fine sieve.

    Ginger snow:
    Use the same recipe as the ginger infusion. Freeze for 24 hours at -21°C and pass through the ice swan.

    Per cocktail:
    Pisco & Amuerte infusion: 30g
    Ginger infusion: 100g
    Fever Tree Ginger Beer: 20g
    Fresh lime juice to refresh
    Shiso red: 1 leaf
    Ginger snow: 30g

    Add all ingredients except the granita into a shaker. Add crushed ice and shake briefly. Pour into the glass.

    Crushed ice

    Ginger granita Lime

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