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    May 23, 2023 1 min read

    Grey Hound - G&T Granita - Finger Lime

    Amuerte X Paul Morel | We've collaborated with the master of flavors, Paul Morel. A true flavor perfectionist with years of experience. He has collaborated with the world's finest restaurants, elevating their bars to elite status. He created a tribute to the essence of the Amuerte flavor and crafted 4 different cocktails to ditch the ordinary gin & tonic. We unveil the Grey Hound, the first cocktail of the series created with a Gin & Tonic Granita and crafted with finger lime. A must try recipe to impress your guests, created with Amuerte White.



    Per cocktail

    Amuerte white 40 ml
    Three cents grapefruit 100 ml
    Lime juice to refresh 
    G&T granita 20 gr

    G&T granita

    Amuerte White Gin 200 gr
    Fever Tree Tonic 600 gr
    100 gr
    Supasawa 100 gr

    * Combine all ingredients and freeze in on -21 for 24 hours *Stir at least once to mix all flavors.

    Vanilla Olive Oil

    Arbequina olive oil 250 g
    Vanilla 2 sticks

    * Cut the vanilla in half, scrape out the seeds, and add them along with the sticks to the infusion


    Ice ball


    Grapefruit zest
    G&T granita
    Blue plant
    Finger lime
    Vanilla olive oil

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