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    May 25, 2023 1 min read

    White Lady - Violet - Yuzu White lady

    Amuerte Black 300 gr
    Dry Curaçao Pierre Ferrand 150 gr
    Sugar water 1:2 225 gr
    Yuzujuice 225 gr
    Supasawa 100 gr 

    * strain the yuzu juice before using 
    * combine all ingredients and bottle 




    Violet liquid

    Violet liquor 200 gr
    Belvoir Elderflower Cordial 125 gr
    Supasawa 175 gr

    * combine all ingredients and bottle

    Per cocktail

    White Lady 90 ml
    Violet Liquid 20 ml
    Lime Refresh 
    Eggwhite 10 ml 

    * Pour the violet liquid in the glass 
    * Dry shake the white lady 
    * Add ice cubes and shake hard until the cocktail is cold
    * Finestrain in het coupe glass over the violet liquid


    Frozen Inku coupe
    Ice ball


    Kaffir lime zest 

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